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klauus wrote in genovacore
20 -- SNSD
1 texture set


-Textless icons are not bases
-Do not direct link
-Credit is optional but preferred <3
-Comment if taking please, I <3 comments :B
-If you like my work, why not watch or join?


download HERE.
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these are super pretty ♥ and A+ on your coloring :)

taking the beautiful textures :)

Cool textures. Thank you.

Lovely icons and great textures, snagging a few and will credit thank you :)

Gorgeous texture set, thank you so much for sharing! ♥

taking the texture♥♥♥, thanks^__^!

Downloading the texture, thanks. :D

Beautiful textures.
Thanks for sharing. ^^

Downloading the textures, thanks!

Texture pack is love!! ♥

absolutely beautiful, thank you! :)

downloading the textures!
thank you.

Snagging texture! Will credit. :D

Love your snsd icons! And took the texture set ;D

Downloading and using textures! Thank you so much! They're fantastic.

Thanks for the texture set!
It's lovely!

Taking the textures~ Thank you :D Will credit when used!!

i love them <33
Perfect *

amazing. wow. speechless. :o

Gorgeous batch! taking some of it~
Thanks for sharing~~ <3 Love your works! :)


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